Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol have displayed their love on social media making people talk whether it’s good or bad. But nothing is coming in between their love for each other.

The two’s love has extended to a point they have opened an Instagram page just for the two of them with photos and videos of their romantic times they term ‘exclusive’.

In one video Anerlisa posted yesterday, she exposes Ben Pol for his awful English.

Who says ” dos and don’t dos? ” he repeated that like 5 times and had to record it.

He tried to stop her from doing so on social media by holding her mouth to a point her wig almost fell off in front of a live audience which was quite embarrassing.

In the caption, she confessed that she cut that part out because she didn’t want what she calls her egg-shaped head to be seen.


I laughed so hard that my wig almost came out but of course to shut me up he removed my wig but😂😂 cut that part. Ain’t nobody gonna see my egg-shaped head.😄

In the Bernard-Anerlisa page, the two have been sharing a lot of their private times together and they say it is a page for genuine people who just want to spread and fall in love with them. No negativity.

Anerlisa Muigai sends message to her exes on why Ben Pol is the one

This is a private page that shares @iambenpol and @anerlisa life and never seen before pictures with people who matter and wishes them the best.

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