Anerlisa Muigai is not afraid to call out anyone speaking negative about her relationship with Ben Pol.

She will forever defend him and the reason why she choses to stay with him despite numerous warnings.

Like I said nothing can come in between her love for Ben Pol. One fan questioned if she knows he is a baby daddy.

Anerlisa answered this with a picture hanging out with his son.

i am very aware. he is the best dad i have ever seen

In the picture we see her ‘stepson’ kissing her on the cheek during a playdate, praising him.

yes i have met him and he is such a bright boy and so funny

We are sure he is Ben Pol’s son because Anerlisa has mentioned he is a funny guy. something she is constantly saying about her fiancé.

Deep! Facts about Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s relationship you did not know

If you had any doubts, this should settle it. The two are definitely working towards a future together. And she will make a good mother despite the fact that she has never seen herself as one.

Last we checked, Anerlisa had spilt the beans saying she is expecting twins and she hopes they’ll look like her fiancé because his genes are great.

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