Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol have been making headlines with their public display of love all over social media.

It all started after she posted a picture of the two of them looking a bit too cozy about a month ago during his club tour in Kenya.

Then Anerlisa went ahead and made it clear that she wants to start a family and we all assumed it was with Ben Pol, because of the timeline of their ‘relationship.

Ben is clearly sprung especially after he confessed he loved Anerlisa declaring he can’t and will never stop loving her in his new song, Sio Mbaya.

Anerlisa opened up in her weekly QnA sessions on social media. A fan asked her to clarify whether she is single or dating and well she said:

I am about to be somebody’s wife

After this huge announcement, she has not been shying away from posting pictures of the two lovebirds together and finally today we get to witness their love for each other in this picture.

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Anerlisa and Ben finally shared a kiss publicly. She captioned the picture saying:

he’s different (love heart emojis)

Is Ben Pol the one? The one who will marry her, the man who will give her children and the man she will spend the rest of her life with?

Only time will tell.

Here is a picture of their kiss:

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