Anerlisa Muigai has always been open to sharing her weight loss journey no matter what people say. Her fans have on a number of times inquired what she did to lose the Kgs and she has tried as much as she can to answer the questions.

Well, Anerlisa is set to launch a weight loss app that will guide both herself and her fans on weight loss tactics.

Taking to social media, she revealed that the app will be up and running on March 15, which is also meant to boost one’s confidence.

If losing weight was as easy as a,b,c,d everyone could do it and nobody would have a excuse about it. I am so excited that next week 15th March 2019. I will change some of your lives, I have created an App that will EASILY help you start living a healthy life, lose the excess weight but most importantly to get back your confidence.

She also shared the subscription cost so that one can be on the know before the date of the launch.

MY APP WILL ONLY GO FOR $30 (kes 3000) PER YEAR. The App will include different meal plans, work out plans and if followed strictly one can lose from 10kgs to 40kgs in 6 months depending on your weight.

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