Asha Badass was last year rumored to be Anerlisa Muigai’s girlfriend way before Ben Pol came on the scene.

The two former lovers spent so much time together and without any warning Anerlisa stopped sharing pictures of Asha, prompting questions if they had fallen out.

Badass finally decided to speak out about the breakup. Last weekend marked one year since she moved to Kenya and her experience has been a rollercoaster.

In fact, she says she will one day publish a book because her stories are worth telling. The book by Asha will include details about a fake love life, family, fake friends and ride or die.

Anerlisa Muigai sends message to her exes on why Ben Pol is the one

During her weekly ‘Ask me a question’ segment, Anerlisa was asked about what happened between her and Natasha, and all she says is that they fell out. Well, Badass looks like she will spill the beans now that she is sure her relationship with Anerlisa Muigai is over.

Anerlisa not too long ago took her first step toward marriage to Ben Pol, after their parents met in their posh Runda home.

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