Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol have been making headlines with their public display of love all over social media.

It all started after she posted a picture of the two of them looking a bit too cozy about a month ago during his club tour in Kenya.

Then Anerlisa went ahead and made it clear that she wants to start a family and we all assumed it was with Ben Pol, because of the timeline of their ‘relationship’.

She is now answering to her haters saying she is pregnant. Well from her recent photos, she has been shying off from posting pictures on her social media.

Most of the photos Anerlisa has been posting are all passport selfies and according to social media, that means you are hiding a pregnancy.

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Anerlisa is one lady who responds to all her trolls on social media and she made it clear during her travel to see Ben Pol and said that she is not.

about to have some good meal. PS: the reason I haven’t loaded pictures is not because I am pregnant. no I am not

People have been guessing she is with a child because she had serious baby fever and confessed that she wants to start a family with her new found flame.

Anerlisa has also assured her fans that she is getting married soon to Ben Pol and because she is a strong believer of marriage then kids, then we should be expecting something come 2019.

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