Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu/ BBC

Anita Nderu may look all bubbly and happy but just like every other normal human being, she has gone through a tough time and it’s safe to say that she can see the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

She opened up on social media saying that she battled depression for the last 5 months which have been the worst for her. Anita has cried a lot last year but she is grateful to her friends for always picking her calls and listening to her.


So much has happened in the span of one week. After today I am happy to announce I will finally have peace of mind. I am so excited I literally cannot stop smiling 😄 The people close to me know what a struggle and mental torture last year was. I battled depression for 5 months and it was not pretty. They answered so many phone calls of me crying. I began to feel like a negative Nancy and I was. I recovered towards the end of last year and have been well since. Joy came with today’s morning however in a special way and I thank the Lord for answering my prayers.

Depression is a disease that has hit the youth hard and now more celebrities are coming out talking about their worst stories of depression.

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu/ Instagram

Seems like Anita Nderu is getting back on her feet. She announced on social media that she has finally moved out and things are not easy.

Then after living rent-free for three years, guess who is finally moving into her own place after singing about it for two years? This girl. I paid rent yesterday, it did not feel nice😂
I also went shopping for household items😂 now I see why parents wanted to kill us when we broke things, it is not cheap to furnish a house.
Then I gathered the courage to reach out to companies I have always wanted to work with! So far, so good! Also after being a Samsung fan for 10 years, I discovered another brand whose camera blew my mind! I just might switch.
Then! I finalized my birthday plans. The guest list is being handled by Tracy so blame her if you are not on it😂 It will be a VERY PINK pajama party. So excited! Also, my party planner is so extra! I love her! It is my last year on the 2nd floor. I turn 29 on the 9th of Feb! This year your presence is not present enough😂 I want gifts. The list goes up tomorrow 😄

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Anita Nderu/ Instagram

With all her positive vibes, she wished her followers a good day.

Finally! If you have read the caption to this point, I just want to wish you the most amazing day! May it be the most fabulous day you have had this year.

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