Anita Nderu is such a bubbly girl as we can see on her social media pages and when you meet her in public places.

Last year, she came out to her followers saying she had been going through a lot that led the media personality to fall into depression. The season brought her down and led her to withdraw from friends, family and work.

She never really opened up about the main cause of the problem until now. The main reason was that she was dealing with people who made her life difficult.

“I had the unfortunate luck of dealing with humans who made my life difficult daily. To be honest I hate that it happened but I am glad too because it taught me to be a stronger individual and to raise the trust bar higher. I walked away from what can only be termed as a very toxic situationship. I wish them all well though no one deserves to fee how they made me feel.” Anita posted


According to Google, a situationship is that space between a committed relationship and something that is more than a friendship. In short, it is an unclear title to what you and that man or girl have been having for the past months.

‘I contemplated killing myself,’ Anita Nderu talks about overcoming depression

Last year, Instagram in-laws assumed her boyfriend was the major cause of this state because the lovey-dovey posts and pictures of the two were no longer being shared online.

What also raised more concern was that Sunny, Anita’s boyfriend, was not present for her birthday last year and this year.


All we can say is that we are happy Anita Nderu is healing from depression and doing much better. We wish her all the best in her life. From her career to her personal life. She deserves it.

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