Anne Kansiime

Anne Kansiime had to deal with a fake news site that posted an erroneous and clickbait seeking story about getting arrested and charged for drug possession.

The site, is one of the many ‘fake news’ websites that thrive in posting celebrity death news, hoaxes and libelous news articles.

Anne Kansiime was the latest victim of this. The site claims that the popular Ugandan comedianne was searched by the customs and border police at Heathrow airport upon suspicion and her luggage was found to contain a small bag containing white powder.

They conducted a second search and found a second similar bag which was tested and turned a positive result for cocaine.

To mitigate the effects of this story Anne Kansiime issued a statement and posted a video showing that she was no where near Heathrow nor was she arrested.

She posted a video of her and the crew rehearsing for her theatre performance this weekend.

One of her crew members, Emma Kaka posted a statement reading, “First of all we would like to acknowledge all our ninjas who have shown genuine love and concern by inquiring from us what is going on. Kansiime is in Uganda and has been in Uganda for the last 3 weeks since returning from work in South Africa late January and hasn’t been to the UK since November 2016 with proof of location that can be found on all social media platforms for Kansiime Anne. It is a pity that some online tabloids find it exciting to fabricate stories that tarnish the image of honest hardworking people. We kindly request the public to be smart and reject helping such tabloids grow their following by riding on the hard Labour of others. Kansiime Anne is a role model to many across different age brackets something that she doesn’t take for granted and is highly committed to.
Once again we thank all media platforms and journalists whose unwavering faith in Kansiime has played a huge role in clearing the lies that were being fed to the innocent public.”

Some unscrupulous fellows who are taking advantage of the whole fake news scenario decided to create a Facebook page with Anne Kansiime’s name and started asking people to help raise money for her bail.

Anne’s accounts are all verified. The fake one isn’t.

Anne alerted her fans, “Fake page alert my ninjas. Please do not send any money or help to anyone that poses as Kansiime Anne on Facebook. This yo ninja knows better than to take advantage of her ninjas. Be sharp my ninjas and block such negativity. #sharedblessings indeed.”