WCB has another one of their members infected by Covid-19 which is caused by the coronavirus

In a video seen by Kiss100, Diamond made the announcement in his quarantine space alongside other WCB members that his producer, Ayo Lizer tested positive for the coronavirus.

This comes a week after Salaam Mendez, his manager was also dialogized with the same.

Platnumz mentioned that his producer might have been infected due to his close contact with Manager Sallam SK.

In the video, Diamond is having a one on one session with the health officer who has been taking care of them during their quarantine period.

“For example, Lizer who has tested positive but is recuperating just fine, how long does he have to be free from the virus and when will he be released to go home?” Diamond asked

The officer told Diamond that the virus can completely leave the body but chances of recuring are also very possible.

Diamond’s manager speaks for the first time after testing positive for Covid-19

The patient is tested and after seven days if they have no coronavirus symptoms, they will be tested again. The result may turn out negative because by then the virus is no more. So that is why within these 14 days, one has to go through the tests before been given the go-ahead to go home.

Diamond was the first one to come out and announce Lizer’s health status.

The producer has not spoken but we wish him a quick recovery and hopefully, no other WCB member will test positive.

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