DK Kwneye Beat is also among those who are walking around chanting the mantra, 2020 haitaki makasiriko. Manz had enough last year.

He posted a cute picture looking all ready for 2020 but you know the comment section never lacks a guy who has a nasty comment.

Last year, he was rumored to be infected with herpes, after a lady came out to say that she was forced to bed him and HopeKid resulting in contracting the disease.

So one of his followers decided to come back and rehash old stories on the comment section by asking him,

Ulipona Corona Virus? (Are you corona virus free?)

DK Kwenye Beat was angered by this he quickly responded saying,

uliza mamako! (Ask your mother!)

DK Kwenye Beat admitted in hospital after suffering heart attack (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Of course, guys under that comment came after DK for his rude reply but guys what did you expect? At the end of the day, manz is a human being. Coming for him like that will wake him throw a reaction.

Because he didn’t want to fuel this conversation, the easiest solution is to delete the comment. That way you kill that vibe and so people will not have anything to fuel a fight.

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