Assumpta Waeni aka Princess Tunda is the Kenyan woman who was trending a few weeks back after leaking pictures of herself in bed with Eric Omondi.

The comedian was fast asleep so he was not aware the picture was being taken and because of her striking resemblance to Tanzania’s socialite Hamisa Mobetto, the pictures left Kenyans with questions.

After Kenyans were presented with evidence she is not Hamisa, now the story changed and everyone thought she is dating the comedian.

Just like most celebrities these days do, she gave her fans a chance to ask her questions on Instagram and she was ready to give them answers.

One fan addressed the elephant in the room and asked her if she is dating Eric Omondi. Well, the truth is finally out.

I am not dating Eric oooh

So what was really going on in the pictures she leaked of here an Eric Omondi in bed? Is it a skit or an upcoming song or is it actually true that they two had something going on?

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Just like Hamisa, Assumpta is a video vixen and had been featured in Madini’s music video.