Bahati definitely enjoyed his 27th birthday alongside his wife, Diana Marua.

They started off in a hotel room where they chased away the crew, because Bahati wanted to be told sweet nothings by Diana. If you know what they mean *wink wink*.

Before they left for dinner, Bahati popped champagne that took him almost 10 minutes to pop. On the side, his wife was embarrassed that her man is hella shady but love and money wins.

Diana in heels came there all classy with a champagne glass but manz was too thirsty, he chugged it from the bottle. Since he was the birthday boy, she decided to go with the flow and do the same.

Bahati caught on camera chugging champagne from the bottle (PHOTOS)

As they were enjoying the champagne, he told Diana to sing the happy birthday tune to him. Diana mentioned if she does a good job, she should be signed to EMB Records.

Sahi we are not signing any more artistes to EMB. We are satisfied with the few we have.

Diana laughed and said she does not want to be paid, she will do it for free. So she cleared her throat ready to dedicate the song to him.

After she was done, Bahati was relieved that she sounded better than other people who call themselves artistes and threw shade saying,

At least you’ve sung better than Vera¬†

I know, the shade is so loud.

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