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Should Your Bae Be Allowed To Post On Social Media Profile Pictures Of Their Crush?

So, there is a story doing rounds, where a wife was savagely beaten for updating her profile picture with a photo of a hot grandpa who has been trending online,...

‘Here Is Why I Never Expect Any Kenyan Chic To Pay For a Date’ – Shaffie Weru

Today, my co-host Adelle Onyango has decided it’s time we talked about chics who don’t pay for dates. So, this was her question to me; “Shaffie, you claim you can...

Why Do Some Men Hook Up With Basic Chics Who Don’t Have A Life?

Basic chics will be the end of Kenyan men! So, there’s this well known influential young dude, who has graced many magazine covers, who has learnt this the hard way!...

‘I Would Raise Hell If I Contributed 200 Bob For My Friend’s Wedding Then They Reject It’ – Shaffie Weru

Today on the Moral Dilemma, What would you do if your contribution to someone’s wedding was rejected for being too little. So, this is the scenario; You happen to find...

‘I Would Give Away My Child For Adoption In Exchange For Money If I Was Poor’ – Shaffie Weru

Today on the moral dilemma, we ask, would you be willing to sell your only child out of love? Here’s a scenario; You had a child with a man you...

My 5 Tips On How To Prevent Hangovers – Shaffie Weru

You went out partying last night, but because you did not think of the  repercussions of drinking, you wake up feeling like an animal house. You smell like a brewery,...