Diamond And Zari

Can we all agree that regardless of whom you support in this clusterduck circus situation, Diamond and Zari was a toxic couple? It really doesn’t take that much to tell that they were toxic because they have not been able to come to a detente since they broke up.

‘He brought women from the streets to my bed’ Zari on why she left…

Diamond Platnumz was accused of cheating on Zari at every available opportunity. Zari on her part has been quite the harpy since she dumped him. One opened their relationship up to STIs, the other one has not allowed their partner to move on since parting company.

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But there was a whole host of red flags that everyone saw with regards to their relationship. But incase you did not see these red flags, then allow me to point them out so you know what to avoid when it comes to looking for a partner:

#1. They come with excessive baggage

When Zari left Ivan Ssemwanga, she did so with alot of baggage. The spectre of infidelity for one followed her right into her new relationship with Diamond.
If you are dating a man or a woman, watch out for their past. Vet your partner. As a man, make sure you find out her sexual history. As a woman, find out why his previous relationship ended.

#2. They take it all to social media

Zari had a habit of taking all her issues to social media and she still does to this day. Diamond has gotten better over time but he also used to run to social media with his issues. Remember when Zari found out Hamisa had slept in her bed, we found out too. You know how? By checking out her social media.
When Diamond thought Zari was cheating with some friend of hers from Uganda, he ran and posted it on social media.

Avoid the type of person to run to social media with everything. You do not want your life to become a drama show for your partner’s friends.

#3. They love-bomb you

Diamond once complained that he found out Zari was pregnant less than 3 months into them starting out as a situationship. And from there, she kept declaring her love for the guy which understandably would leave anyone feeling suffocated.

If your partner starts talking about a relationship after the first date, run!

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