Naiboi is making waves with his latest song, 2 in 1, but it could have been bigger if two bigwigs agreed to be featured.

Speaking to the breakfast presenters, Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on Kiss FM, Naiboi said, “I tried to get Avril and Victoria Kimani on my video for support, but the two ladies never got back to me.”

The song has gone viral because of what most are terming great creativity.

Watch it here…

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Earlier on, Naiboi had told Word Is there was no budget for the song, and that most of the videos were sent to him via phone or email.

Naiboi has gone through tough times and almost gave up on music, although it is what he is talented in.

One day my dad came home from Ghana and I had just released a song. He sat me down with my other siblings and told me to quit music,” he said.

“He told me it’s been 10 years, we have invested so much money for you to do music, but there is nothing we are gaining from you. So it’s high time you quit music coz you are wasting time and our resources.

“I felt like giving up because now, my family was not supporting me any more. I cried but when he left, I went back to music, despite the discouragement.”

His dad converted later and supported him after he featured in Welle Welle and it became a huge hit.

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