Avril Baby

Avril is a happy mother as far as her social media posts are concerned and she is enjoying motherhood.

The singer had hidden the fact that she was heavy with child from the public. In fact she even denied she was pregnant but as the Swahili saying goes, mimba haifichiki!’


Months later Avril shared a picture of her baby bump and the next thing we know, she has given birth. Avril has hidden her baby’s face from the public despite the fact that she has a whole song about the baby. The baby also makes a debut in the music video.

She has not talked much about her pregnancy journey up until she decided to have an interview with Parents Magazine where she opened up about all her struggles before and after her pregnancy.

One thing she says is she was never sure she would ever conceive after she suffered from fibroids.

Fibroids are non-cancerous growths in the uterus that can develop during a woman’s childbearing years.

So yes Avril had been trying to have a child and when she knew she was pregnant, she was more than happy to be a mother.

I had two fibroids when I was pregnant and the doctors speculated that that could have been the reason it took me longer to conceive


Despite the fact that she does not comment on who her baby daddy is, J Blessing has been rumored to be the father to the child.

When asked in an interview on The Trend if J Blessing is the father, she said when J Blessing makes his debut on The Trend, Amina should definitely ask him.

‘Ask J Blessing,’ Avril finally opens up about her baby daddy

If at any one point in time I’ll feel like talking about the father of my child I will but at this particular time I don’t think it’s necessary. But if J Blessing comes for an interview ask him that question

Janet Mbugua also opened up n the struggles she went through her pregnancy journey and even after giving birth. She said that she has gone through multiple surgeries which saw her in a hospital bed and away from social media for two weeks.

The rest of her story she said will be up on her vlog soon so keep it Kiss 100 for more details.

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