Awinja of Papa Shirandula has a gorgeous son but we will rarely see him on her social media page because she is protecting him.

Trust Kenyans to be the kings and queens of trolls and that is a fear Awinja has. She has endured them so feels it’s best she protects her only child from people’s harsh opinions.

As a mother, a child is very important. He is still a child and I don’t want to expose him on social media

Many celebrities choose to show off their children especially if they want to scoop up endorsement deals, but Awinja says for her, since her son is still very young, she wouldn’t want to chose that life for him. She is giving him space to grow and to make his own decisions.

Awinja Jacky Vike

Those parents who open social media pages for their kids end up having the burden of deciding what to post on their social media

Awinja’s baby daddy, Alfred Ngachi, a successful creative director, also prefers to keep a low profile. Awinja says the two are co-parenting and are in good terms.

She really doesn’t talk much about her relationship with her baby daddy and I think that is safe for her son.

Diamond finds a way to reunite with his children, Nilan and Tiffah

Picking up lessons from the famous Tanzanian-Ugandan parents, Diamond and Zari, the constant update for the fans on their relationship has cost Diamond a chance to bond and grow with his children.

But at least as from yesterday, he was given access to speak to them via video call seeing as the distance between them is quite large.

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