J Blessing is a celebrated director whose work ethic is heavily sought after by Kenyan artistes.

The one artiste he has worked with for a long time is Avril Kenya. Most if not all her videos have been directed by J Blessing and produced by Saint P.

The work the two have produced we must admit is good and it takes a lot of chemistry and understanding for work to be done easily.

Here is evidence that the two have great on-screen chemistry:

J Blessing has been linked to Avril for a long time to a point rumors went out that he is her baby daddy. Avril has never denied nor accepted the claims, all she says is you need to ask J Blessing.

He penned down an emotional letter talking about love. He said it can be hard to love someone who does not feel the same. Even worse, when you meet someone you fall in love with them then after investments, you realize they are not meant for you.

J Blessing/ Instagram

It got fans whispering. But one loud follower mentioned that J Blessing needs to reevaluate himself when it comes to matters of the heart with the women in his life.

if @[email protected] and @theavieway never satisfied you my nig*a then ur the one with the problem evaluate yourself first then go to the next r/ship

This comment upset the video director who responded saying,

@dress_to_kill90 that makes us both with the problem. This was just inspiration to my followers and people who needed it, as for you it seems you comment on the wrong page! This is not bloggers my guy

Avril and J Blessing have never admitted that they have been in a romantic relationship. They still work together and comment on each other’s social media pages.

Avril blows kisses to J Blessing as he turns a year older

It has all been left up to your imagination.

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