Newly weds A.Y and Remy

Tanzania’s entertainment industry is lit. if it isn’t about reports from Diamond Platnumz’ ex about her impending marriage and her besties saying that they indeed got married, then it is reports about their stars marriages going down the drain.

Rapper AY is the latest victim of gossip with the rumour mills hard at work churning out content about his marriage. It has been alleged that his wife left him and ran off to America and his son, their son, was promptly deposited in her native Rwanda.

According to those same rumours, he was shocked when he arrived home to find she had executed her plan.


Newly weds A.Y and Remy

He was recently hosted for an interview by EATV and the question about his marriage came up and his response was the following word salad:

Hizo story gani sasa, wewe za udaku mimi sio mtu wa mambo ya udaku. Hizi stori za udaku mimi nazitoleaje ufafanuzi, kwasababu mtu mmoja anaamka nakuandika anachotaka,”

That doesn’t answer the question and instead strawmans the source of the information.