Tanzanian musician AY has praised his Kenyan ex-girlfriend and fellow artiste Amani as the woman who taught him the secrets of Kenyan hustle.

“During the three years we dated, Amani showed me how Kenyan women are the most straight-forward in the world. Not one time did she ever mix business with pleasure,” said the musician.

AY also talked of his close relationship with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s son Fidel. “I was devastated by news of his death since he had just checked on me a few days earlier. He used to call me Rasta,” said AY.


He also added that he did not make it to the burial as he was already booked to perform in Burundi. AY is currently enjoying international airplay thanks to his recent collabo ‘Touch Me’ with Sean Kingston and Miss Trinity.

“Meeting Sean Kingston was the best thing that happened to my career. He has introduced me to all the musicians in his circles including Chris Brown,” he says.