First of all, let’s give credit where it’s due, Diamond Platnumz is a master at his game. Every time he releases a song, it is definitely a banger.

His new song, Baba Lao is what’s trending now in just 24 hours and manz has made it to a million views. But what you might not know is this is an exact copy-paste of a song by Nigeria’s Naira Marley, Soapy.

In Diamond’s version, the singer has recycled some bits from his previous music video Yope.

Now the original beat by Naira that came out two months ago has him say Baba Lao a few times. This is where Baba Naseeb got the title of his song.

The beat is so catchy and something different from what we are used to when it comes to Diamond but we love it. Especially the video.

The East African star in his deep Swahili seems to have taken shots at those trying to bring him down. Maybe Harmonize or Zari? We don’t know but he says

Wataweza kweli kushindana nasi, hata wakiungana, matusi kututukana

Father’s son! Diamond and Tanasha unveil their child’s name

In the song Baba Lao by Diamond, he has credited his producers S2kizzy and Ayolizer yet that is not their original beat.S2kizzy, however, cleared the air saying that the two artistes were in agreement citing a remix possibility between them.

Simba has described this song as a slang that means being on top of everything or ahead of everything. The WCB artiste is trending with this amazing piece of art ahead of his event, The Wasafi festival.

This is not the first Diamond that has been exposed for stealing ideas or beats from international artistes. Here is a video of all the songs he has ‘borrowed’ from.

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