Khaligraph Jones has been the most talked about rapper in the last few weeks because of his smash hit with his stunning girlfriend Cashy, Micasa Sucasa.

The Kayole-born rapper dropped the club banger with his long-term girlfriend, Karimi Muriungi, who simply goes by the stage name, Cashy, after his fans hyped up a random video they had posted while freestyling.

MOTO KAMA PASI! Khaligraph Jones And His Hot Girlfriend Take Shots At Kenyan Deejays In “Micasa Sucasa”

When Khaligraph Jones joined the Hip Hop industry, he used to release a lot of diss tracks targeted at his fellow Mcees in the rap game. Many of them were meant for his long-term nemeses, Octopizzo and King Kaka aka Rabbit.


But a few years down the line, Khaligraph has gotten over releasing ‘beef tracks’. He now makes more mature music with most of his songs receiving positive feedback and positive reception from his fans.

The self-proclaimed King of Rap did not rise to fame overnight. He had to hustle his way up the ladder in the Hip Hop industry, which is one of the most competitive careers in Kenya. Through hard work and determination, he beat all odds to finally make it to the top.

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Before all the fame and fortune, Khaligraph Jones was a simple boy , roaming the streets of Kayole slums. He knows very well what poverty, sleeping hungry and walking barefoot feels like.

But now with the success of his music, the Mazishi hitmaker can now to live a comfortable lifestyle, have a good home, buy expensive shoes and clothes and even afford a good ride.


Khaligraph Jones has shown off his Subaru Forrestor on social media severally, and always reveals how thankful he is to God for being able to buy whatever his heart desires. It looks like music is paying well as he recently acquired another brand new machine.

The rapper has been driving around with a new whip, a Subaru Legacy, and he’s also revealed that soon, he will buying houses so that he can support his mother to raise his siblings, because gone are the days they would spend nights outside the cold Kayole streets.

Check out the brand new slick machine below;