Lilly and Juacali are one of those genuine power couples we have in Kenya.

The two keep their marital business to themselves and that has helped their marriage grow in peace, genuinely without the help of Instagram in-laws.

Lilly has always said that it is not all rosy but one thing she is always saying is that she is grateful for her husband.

She couldn’t have wished for any other man. She posted on social media a letter penned down to Juacali saying,

I am a better person today because of my husband. He pushes me to do better, he supports my vision, always there to encourage me and cheer me on. He once said ‘babe, when we stop paying rent, I will empower you and allow you to experiment all sorts of business you want and get to choose the one you really like.’ Few months later, it all came true. I won’t forget how you encouraged me to join the hospitality industry, later supported me as a fashion designer and my beauty line.

Lilly added that he saw something in her that helped her grow her talent to be the best version of herself.

“I will never forget the day I told you about me guest hosting at a show and you started coaching me and asked me to read a book out loud for you to hear me while in the bedroom and went ahead to help me read a teleprompter without moving my eyes just in case it was part of it and you also made me record my voice so that I get to know how I sounded and if there was anything to improve on. Thank you for the push. You saw something in me that I did not know I have, the potential to do so much more! Most people would say ‘nakalia talent’ 😁. Babe, I will continue working hard, I won’t let you down for believing in me. Thank you! Juacali” Lilly added.

JuaCali’s wife, Lilly Asigo reveals how she deals with women DMing her man

Jua Cali and his wife have been married for six years and have three children together. It has not always been easy. Lilly once confessed that three weeks into moving in with him, she has packed her bags and left the marriage.

The one thing the two tell their followers is that it’s not always rosy but it gets better with time so be patient in your relationships.

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