Vera Sidika has been back in the 254 but very silent.

Clearly, Queen Vee had missed the Nairobi party life as she was spotted hanging out with former Kiambu governor, William Kabogo’s son, Alvin known to his social media fans as Kabogo Jnr.

alvin kabogo

Alvin is known to throw and attends massive parties just like Vera who goes hard.

From the video posted, the two seem to be having a very good time but seated. Something we barely if never see on Vera’s social media page.

vera sidika

Those in her squad are the rich and famous, with the likes of Ben Kingangi to Kabogo’s son in her known circle. It’s either go big or go home.

She knows how to capture the attention of her fans. After going on hiatus, she always comes out loud in any trending conversation.

Remember last time just when we thought it’s over between power couple Natalie Tewa and Rnaze, the two made up in her house and guess what we found out on her social media page.

The last time she was this popular was when she was trending on blogs after her very dirty breakup with Otile Brown.

She has since then teased she has a new man, a very yummy looking man but it is not clear the status of their relationship.

He would make a cute baby! Vera Sidika shows off her baby daddy

Otile Brown, on the other hand, has moved on and with Nabayet and the two seem to be making major moves in their relationship.

He had mentioned buying her a house then she suddenly announced her departure from the 254. Hope it is all well because this will be another tough time for Bad Man Shivo.

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