When you are one of the biggest female singers in Africa, super talented, financially stable and have a successful musical career, then the only other thing to look for is love and a man for companionship.

Stunning Tanzania singer Lady Jay dee has been through it all when it comes to music and is said to be one of the most influential artistes in her home country despite going on a music hiatus for almost a year following a nasty divorce from her ex-hubby.

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Jaydee real name, Judith Wambura Mbibo, was once married to her former manager and renowned Tanzanian radio presenter Gardner Habash, but the two broke up in a bitter separation after almost 9 years together.


Lady Jaydee and Gardner separated for two years until their divorce was final in February this year, a step that the stunning singer had been anticipating when she finally came out to reveal that she was happy to be out of the marriage.

The Yahaya hitmaker cited negligence, emotional and physical abuse as well as cheating as some of the reasons she decided to walk out of the marriage;

“My marriage didn’t work out. I was not happy at all and that’s why I decided not to carry on. My husband was cheating on me and had become a drunkard, while I was working so hard and giving the relationship all that I was able to. I am just happy and thank God that I don’t have children with him.”

Lady Jaydee

The couple did not have any children together and rumors from the Bongo country revealed that Lady Jaydee was the one who was infertile. Well, that still remains a rumor, which Lady Jaydee is not bothered with, and the stunning singer seems more jolly than ever.

Lady Jaydee Denies Pregnancy Rumours

It was recently revealed that Lady Jaydee secretly got married a week ago to a tall, Tanzanian hunk, though not much is known about their relationship or about him, which is typical of Jaydee because she likes keeping her private off the public radar.


Well, the singer has gone ahead to share a very cute video while locking her hubby’s long dreadlocks, at the same time revealing that she’s a professional loctician (someone who specializes in dreadlock care, maintenance, and style) stylist, something that many of her fans didn’t know.

Lady JayDee Finally Gets Married After Going Through A Bitter Divorce (Photos)

From the look of things, Lady Jaydee is in a happy place in her life and it seems that divorcing her ex-husband was all she needed to feel alive again, plus she’s now back to making music, which is all her fans want.