David Wonder has been glowing these past few days. The young man who was once signed to Bahati’s EMB Records (Eastlands Most Beloved) but they decided to go their separate ways.

The split which at first was amicable soon took a turn for the worse as his last conversation with Bahati left a bad taste in his mouth. The young man had seen a post Bahati had made on social media about him and when he tried to clear the air on what was going on, he was only fed blue ticks.

David Wonder reveals the last frustrating communication with Bahati

We recently spoke to him about what life was like since he had left EMB. The younging revealed to us that he was happier and rounder. he has added weight and according to him, it is because he decided to strike it out on his own.

So there you have it, David Wonder believes working under Bahati’s EMB records was the reason he was skinny and perhaps when he decides to go on a diet, he will resign with Bahati.