Like him or not, Bahati has done something that no one can fault and it should infact be celebrated. The young gospel artiste who had the business acumen to turn his brand into more than passing hype, building a business from his brand, Eastlands Most Beloved (EMB) Records.

Bahati proves he is taking up his fatherly duties (PHOTOS)

And as such, he is in a position not alot of Kenyans can claim to be in, he can actually help others. And he has decided to help Denno, a gospel artiste who gained fame and renown in years gone after Kenyans took to his musical offerings and then he disappeared into obscurity as quickly as he rose.

Denno has had a rough couple of years and by the time Bahati came around to collaborate with him on a jam, he had completely fallen off the Kenyan music radar.

Bahati decided to revisit the issue of Denno living in a situation that wasn’t the best. And he decided to do something about it. As the title of the article states, he got Denno and his wife a new car. This will undoubtedly ease the pressure of mobility and why it is a good thing to do is because with Denno finally in control of his losgistics, he can access more shows, earning himself and his family more money.

What God has put in my heart is Big, enough to give. My prayer is to make someones world a better place to live.You can too. God sees, He hears, He is waiting… In every way, strive to please Him and out of your abundance, He will always smile upon you ❤🙏