Bahati has had a rough weekend as Kenyans on Twitter, simply referred to as KOT, decided to bash the guy over his sentiments on King Kaka’s song, Wajinga Nyinyi. And the bashing he received was of epic levels as Kenyans online meted out their frustration at the Jubilee regime on him for helping get them into power by attracting youthful voters thanks to his energetic performances.

Bahati savagely attacked for his political statements by KOT

Bahati is done being the punching bag for many people who called him a lackey of the regime. he decided to speak on the matter to clear his name and though this might be a case of too little too late, he still chose to exercise his right of reply and here is what he said,

Seen, I have been Trending on Twitter since Morning Since I Supported King KAKA’S #WAJINGANYINYI Song. But let’s be factual, Vile Tuu Nyinyi Mlidanganywa Mka Amka 4am Ku Vote Ata Mimi Iko Hivyo Hivyo Hivyo- Ata Yangu Ilikua Zaidi, This is the Reason- IF YOU DON’T KNOW I Did Over 555 Campaign Roadshow Stops Around the Country Still Waiting for the Promise I was Given…
Ata Karibu Niwachwe na Bibi Yangu Juu Hakua Ana pata Rights Zake….. To Add Icing on the cake Nikakalia Hadi Kiti Ya President But Still My Life Never Changed NIKO HAPA HAPA NANYINYI TUNA PAMBANA!!!.

King Kaka the toast of the town with his politically woke new song Wajinga Nyinyi

Actually If Sio Nyinyi Ma Fans Kunishikilia na Neema Ya Yesu Sahiii Sijui ingekuaje… And That’s Why the Little I get Everyday I make Sure I Support Someone Coz WE ARE THE CHANGE WE NEED!!! But if 2022 Tutajishau Tu Vote According to Our Tribes and Not the Eligibility of the Candidate…. 2023 to 2027 KILIO NI KILE KILE!!! #MjingaMimi#WajingaSisi LET’S ALL WAKE UP🙏🙏🙏