Now that the Bahati’s have returned from Diana’s birthday vacation and are back on air, the drama continues.

Remember Varl?  Diana’s sister and the annoying assistant Bahati wanted to get rid of as soon as she was employed? Drama seems to follow her everywhere.

Last time it was between her and Weezdom and now it is between her and the new front desk lady, Nelly.

So Val walked in on Nelly cleaning Bahati’s office but she was just jamming to his music and sitting on his chair out there feeling at home. Varl walked in so mad telling her she needs to be serious with her work and more to that, she will lose that job.

Now that she is acting as the EMB HR, she went to Bahati, EMB CEO and told him to fire Nelly and hire another receptionist. She even walked in with a CV. Saying Nelly is incompetent and that he made a bad decision.

Bahati reveals Diana’s statement that threw him off as they celebrate 3 years

Bahati made it clear he will not fire her because he gives young people opportunities to prove themselves.

“You do not expect someone to be perfect. EMB is about creating opportunities to young people. Even I am not perfect so let us not have this discussion now. Let us revisit this discussion in a month or two. Let me get back to work.”

Varl was quick to take all this drama to her sister, Diana Marua. On a day out she opened up saying.

the girl at the front office came to work in a place she thinks is her home. She even an added advantage of her working for EMB is that she is beautiful. Surely? 

“I had not spent time with Bahati on a one on one like I have been doing and so far I have seen he does not know how to make decisions as they should be. Let me just tell you, as a sister, I saw the boys who used to crush on you. I feel like if you waited just a bit if you were patient with God just a bit, I feel Bahati is very immature.” Varl continued

Diana was so upset she called her out saying she is not even married so how would she know about marriage?

“Varl you’re Trying to advise me yet you have been employed by my husband? She sarcastically laughs.” Diana calls her out

Diana told her to stop telling her if Bahati is good for her or not.

never ever talk to me about my husband again. You need to know where to cross the boundaries.

Varl warned her and said that one day she will come back regretting the choice she made to get married to Bahati.

Later in the week, Bahati took her for lunch and she brought the issues.

Speaking of work. It is just a suggestion but I want you to let Varl go as your PA. Get rid of her under EMB. She does not work professionally.

Bahati said his wife is the one who suggested her and he will not fire her because he likes to give people opportunities and furthermore, she has brought in a lot of changes at EMB that work for him.

That is how that discussion ended.

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