The upcoming artist association has decided to become the new management of Peter’s Blessing.

This is according to their press release on Friday the 7th of February. They gave Bahati stern warnings during the conference.

According to this association, Bahati is the one artiste who decides to settle scores with police arrests.

The upcoming artist association claimed that Bahati was not willing to let Peter Blessing go easy.

They said that this was because Peter Blessing was better than him musically. They also said that he was going to make it in the industry without Bahati’s help.

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They also said that all Bahati wanted to do was put Peter Blessing under his wings and make him a servant to the EMB records.

One of the members of the association said;

just know bahati, peter blessing will shine, whether you like it or not. nimeona there is talent in that guy, na unajua anakumalizaga mistari

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We were able to ask them if they thought that one of the reasons for Bahati going after Peter Blessing was because he was jealous.

And that he knew that Peter Blessing was better than him.

Here is what they said;

bahati knows the capabilities of peter blessing. he has worked with peter blessing and those who have seen peter  blessing know that he is a very talented young man. so what bahati wanted was to keep peter blessing under his level to be like a money making machine.

The upcoming artist association headed by Kennedy Liech aka Kennon is fully behind Peter Blessing all through this dramatic phase and court proceedings.

They have all clearly proven that they are against Bahati and all his actions.

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