Being invited to Tanasha’s birthday party is proof that Bahati is a close friend to Diamond seeing as he was the only Kenyan artiste invited.

Alongside other big names from Tanzania, he graced the party and was invited on stage to present a gift to Tanasha, which was a house.

The gifts presented by others before him had set the bar too high, placing pressure on him to do better . Bahati came with stacks of money ready to spoil Tanasha rotten.

In his weekly show, Bahati Reality, he gave us a sneak peek of how it went down at The Gatsby 707. We don’t know exactly how much money he gave Tanasha, but it wasn’t a few thousands.

Diana finds evidence in Bahati’s car that proves he is cheating

He began saying if only Eric Omondi did not stop him, he would have chopped more because he has a lot of money.

it’s just that Eric stopped me. MY team had carried a whole bag full of money I was willing to make it rain on Tanasha on this special day.

He also revealed details of Diana Marua’s baby shower where Diamond had an obvious invite alongside his girlfriends. Hopefully, they will not be on the same day since they are just a few weeks apart.

Diamond had not invited a lot of Kenyan friends. Mzazi Willy M Tuva and Maina Kageni were the few Kenyan’s who were there and the Wasafi team said they we there because of the support they have given them musically.

Harmonize even stood up to appreciate Maina Kageni who has shown them so much support.

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