producer paulo

Bahati has been in the news lately after it was revealed that he had two of his employees jailed.

Bahati got police to arrest his produce Paulo, and singer Peter Blessings. In an interview Paaulo exposed the EMB CEO saying

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“I knew Bahati through Mr Seed back in 2017 when they were recording their song “Kumbekumbe”

“After the song Bahati said that he want to meet, after that we started working together with him.

producer paulo

Adding that,

“Bahati did not sign me into EMB,this is because i think my demands were very high and he could not afford to pay my demands,We decided to do project per project.”

The producer said that he has never signed any contract with Bahati.

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“Have never signed any project with Bahati we were just working with commission,”He said.

Paulo said that being arrested was a shameful act after he was accused of stealing studio equipment.

He said those were false allegations as he didn’t steal anything rather he was given by Bahati himself.

“I was accused of stealing some items of the studio which was not true, Bahati gave me the table and soundproof that he claimed that i had stolen, me being arrested was not good because we have been with Bahati for long and have been fighting and defending him,

“But he thanked me by accussing me and sending a police to arrest me,” He narrated.

Paulo said the singer pranked them so that they can be arrested last week,

“After teaming up with Peter Blessings, Bahati became annoyed and that’s why he sent one police to arrest us, but this mix was only to arrest Peter Blessing, little did i know it was a prank.”

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He added that

“Bahati and weezdom told us that “sisi ndio kusema” hii kenya this is because they are well known and also said that he can take us to state house so that we can be arrested,’ he also said ‘sisi ni wakubwa hii Kenya na tuko na nguvu ya polisi’,He said.

But the question is is the beef still on or what’s next?