Bahati is a father of many children. Mueni, Morgan, Heaven and recently, Majesty.

In one of his episodes of Bahati Reality, he took us through the school his adopted son goes to, Upper Hill Junior Academy so that Bahati’s ‘mum’ can see the progress of her grandchild.

This episode revealed a lot. Morgan goes to not so expensive school and worse, wears torn uniform. Contary to the life the singer lives with his other children.

Mbona mtoto wa Bahati anavaa viraka Kwenda shule? Bahati’s adopted son not as pampered (PHOTOS)

Remember last time we called him for a comment on the story and he did not say a thing? Well, he went on The Trend with Anto Neosoul and gave his response there.

As he was explaining the story, he could not stop himself from expressing his emotions. He started trying saying he is working hard to make sure he gives his family the best life so that he make his late mother proud.

I took Morgan when he was very you. I have stayed with him for over six years. he is still struggling to get papers. Even a school cannot take him without a birth certificate.

People don’t want to think of the reason i took him to that school. If it’s not that, I’d have taken him to Brookhouse. God can provide but can they take him without a birth certificate?

Bahati went ahead and mentioned that among all his children, Morgan is his favourite because he is a reflection of who Bahati was when he was a boy.

With all the kids, my favourite remains to be Morgan. Every time I look at him, he reminds me of a lot of things, I push him to be the best person he can be. That’s my best son.

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Other than the ‘mtoto wa mama’ making amends with his enemies, he is also being a good father to Majesty. A role Diana Marua says she is proud of because he was not like that during the birth and raising of Heaven Bahati.

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