Diana Marua has tried so much to make sure her man drops his shady behaviors.

As they celebrate three years of what they call a marriage -because we know they did not legally get married- she pulled a surprise on him.

Diana Bahati

Diana created a romantic mood in their living room with red petals, candles, chocolate strawberries romantic music and a video of their best moments playing in the background. And we can not forget some alcoholic champagne.

‘I deal with it as it comes’ Diana Marua on her relationship with Bahati’s baby mama

Bahati was not so surprised all he kept doing was pulling up the past on how much he has gone through to survive the three years. He was not living in the moment Diana had to tell him to stop thinking of the past.

Bahati Diana Marua
Bahati Diana Marua

In that video, we learned that Diana left their house a couple of times packing her bag after arguments and the one statement that the Bahati off in those three years is when she told him she needs a break from him.

Watch how they spent their romantic night below:

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