Its almost three years since gospel singer Bahati and Diana got married.

Bahati can’t believe he has been with Diana despite the erratic up and downs

The EMB boss took to his Instagram account to mock haters who predicted his breakup with his sweetheart Diana.

he had no kind words for those who thought they couldn’t last. Bahati shared a photo that was taken two years ago.

”This Picture was Taken Exactly Two Years ago na Kuna Watu Bado Walikua wana Comment MTAWACHANA TUU Comment with Your Favourite EMOJI’.’

‘Who is Sandra,’ Diana finds sexts in Bahati’s phone


Diana and Bahati hooked up after she was featured in his music video as a vixen.


Then come 21 October 2017, the two did a traditional wedding at the parent’s home of Diana. Only family members and friends attended the ceremony.


Heartbreak mansion! This is the South African villa Diamond bought Zari

The two welcomed their first child on February 14th 2018, they have faced many challenges on their marriage but they have still managed to weather the storm.

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