Diana Marua bore the brunt of her husbae’s tantrums live on TV. Bahati has not been a happy man for weeks.

“After the dinner announcement about me going to Italy, Bahati did not take it lightly,” Diana told the directors of reality TV show, Being Bahati.

“Moods tuu. Mood swings,” she further explained.

Bahati got enraged when Diana revealed that she will have to travel out of the country to go study. His beef is that she made the decision and announced it to family before consulting with him.

At one point, Diana asked Bahati, “Babe, are you not happy for me?”

Bahati responded,

“No, no, no, no, lets not talk about that.”

A sulking Bahati stopped calling Diana by her pet name, “Babe”, and opted for a more impersonal name like “Mama Heav” and “Diana”.

She even pleaded with him to go back to calling him “Babe”

Bahati shot back, “Actually in this house I’m not going to eat. I have to get used to staying hungry because when you go to Italy, I will be hungry.”

Adding, “I’m fasting till you go to Italy. I’m praying for you. Safe skies.”

Later he revealed that his move was a strategy.

“Sometimes you have to play hard to get like a Ghetto man hadi ubembelezwe (until you are pampered).

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura finally speaks out on Diana Marua

Bahati did not leave the fate of his marriage to sulking and good fortune, he sought the help of gospel legend Ben Githae.

“The other day, I had a big fight with my wife, ” He told Ben Githae, “Diana has gotten a scholarship for a culinary arts college. And I did not take that well.”

Ben must have advised him to chill and look at the issue from a sober stance and not one of blame and accusations.

Later, the couple reconciled.

“Babe, I’m so sorry for over reacting,” Bahati said.

Diana confessed, “It is nice to grab a snack with hubby after all that, that has been happening. To hear him apologize about that night, it made me warm up to him.”

They later had a chat where she said, she now sees the error she made in her news delivery. She should have consulted Bahati first.

Bahati and Diana Marua fight in public (Photos)

In a past post, Diana wrote an intimate open letter to herself. She seems to be maturing and becoming the woman she loves.

Here is her account of how that happened.

“We so easily forgive others or ask others for forgiveness, but we forget to forgive ourselves. Instead, we hold on to the guilt and shame; allowing those moments to playback until they fester into insecurities.”

Adding, “Perhaps it’s just my story… well, let me speak for myself. I have made awful decisions and some took me years to come to terms with. I allowed those decisions to tell me who I was, defining my self worth. In doing so, I lowered my standards and accepted anything, which created insecurities that were never mine to possess.

“As time passed, I began to grow through life. I thought because I had accepted everything for what it was, that I had healed. Until one night God got me ALL the way together.

“As I was having my own quiet time, I began to reflect on my life, the far I’ve come, all the things I’ve gone through. As I was reflecting through, I began to breakdown and cry…. more like screamed, I even got breathless. No one could hear me but God. Then in that still voice, I heard LET IT GO!”

Diana continued, “The disappointments and the guilt. I had prayed and asked God for forgiveness plenty of times in the past, but God was telling me I didn’t truly believe I was forgiven. I had not forgiven myself.

I started to meditate on all of my recent blessings and I came to the realization that if God, the creator of all things can forgive me, surely, the least I can do is to also forgive myself. So I did, I let go and I didn’t look back, ever!”

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