Yvette Obura and Bahati

Yvette Obura will tonight reveal why she decided to get a tattoo with her ex’s name, Bahati, on her chestal area.

Yvette is Bahati’s baby mama, they have a daughter together, Mueni Bahati.

Hours before the show is aired, Yvette has addressed the issue.

She took to her social media and said, “My tattoo had to be something so meaningful and something I love and it happened to be MUENI BAHATI.”

She continued by asking her fans, “Thoughts??”

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Check out the tattoo.

Tonight, Yvette will have to explain why she has tattoed Nahati’s name near her boosoom.

In the promo of the show, Yvette’s pal asked her, “Si you move on? Who will marry you with Bahati’s tattoo [on your body]?

Adding, “Let me ask you, Bahati is married, what if the wife sees the tattoo?”

Responding to her pal, Yvette retorted, “Why are you hurt?”

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In an Insta-story Yvette hinted that she misses her daughter who at the time was visiting with her dad.

The post read: “Heartbeat.”

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