Bahati dropped many jaws after he broke the net over the weekend when he released photos of his biological daughter online. The world had no idea he was a father.

How did he keep the secret intact for that long?

Reactions to his grand reveal were varied and diverse. There are those who congratulated him while there are those who condemned him.

Bahati and mueni1

Others took the baby mama’s side and called out Bahati for not acknowledging her in his official release of the news.

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Anyhow, the Mama gospel hitmaker got Kisha Yvette Obura pregnant and only revealed this two years later. Was he afraid that word would leak out and opted to control the narrative?

Women online speculated about this grand announcement by Bahati wondering if it will drive a wedge between him and his prayer partner, Diana Marua.

Some even asked Kisha to “fight” for her family.

Bahati and mueni4

Kisha responded to all this by shutting down any rumours that she and Bahati have a thing. Or will ever have a thing in the future.

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She gave her official statement before committing social media suicide.

The pressure was too much for her.

Kisha wrote, “Jesus Christ! I don’t want to be with Bahati. He is just but my baby daddy/ ex. The only thing that people should know is that the baby is not adopted but my own. Thank you.”

Kisha Yvette