Morgan Bahati is gospel artiste Bahati’s eldest son. He is an “adopted” son though. And even that adopted is in quotes because there is nothing official. No paperwork, just social media hashtags and tags indicate this fact.

“Morgan ako Wapi?” Bahati’s fans demand answers as Diana responds

And Kenyans were upset when we here at highlighted the fact that Morgan Bahati was wearing rags to school in the guise of school uniform especially when contrasted against the lifestyle Bahati had afforded his own children by Diana Marua.

Mbona mtoto wa Bahati anavaa viraka Kwenda shule? Bahati’s adopted son not as pampered (PHOTOS)

This got heated enough for Bahati to the point he had to address the situation and though I am not one to pass judgement, I will say that the explanation seemed disingenuous:

Bahati responds on adopted son wearing torn uniform to school

But the one thing I will say is that though Bahati lets his “son” Morgan walk around in rags when going to school, he keeps him decked in the freshest threads. Check out some of Morgan’s more urban looks that are pretty dope: