Band Beca Release Their New Track ‘1234’ And It’s Serving All Sorts Of Sauces

They are the freshest girl band in the country and Band Beca ain’t here to play with anyone.

They came to the spotlight with their jam ‘Brathe’ which was well received by the public, receiving massive airplay while at it.

Well, the band has not stopped releasing jams and one thing they are sure about is that you are not ready for the projects they are working on.

Well during Kiss FM’s Breakfast with the Stars with Adelle and Shaffie, Band Beca released their brand new jam ‘1234’.

They went ahead to explain what the song is about saying, “You see the way you text or call a guy once then twice then thrice and he doesn’t reply back, you tend to get tired and decide to leave him alone because he’s just wasting your time. I know many ladies will relate to this because it’s something we go through or have experienced. So this song is basically talking about that scenario.”

Listen to the full audio below;

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