Banky W  got married to top Nigerian actress Adesua Etomi in 2017.

He has developed a brotherly relationship with Wizkid from his early days in the industry.

Banky W

WizKid has severally put it out there that he is forever grateful to Banky for helping him get the right balance when it comes to music, evident from all hits he has been producing ever since.

During Banky W’s wedding, we expected WizKid to be a part of the lineup or even a guest. To our surprise, he didn’t show up.

Banky, in an interview, said people wrongly judged Wizkid for not being present at his wedding and that the blame and accusations being heaped on him were unfair.

I think people unfairly judged Wiz and a lot of them were a little bit too harsh on him for missing my wedding. Many people forget that around the time of my traditional wedding was also when One Africa Music Fest was going on in Dubai.

Well, that explains it but how did Tiwa Savage who was in the same event make it to his wedding?

Tiwa Savage had to take the last available economy seat in the plane, even though she had an upper-class ticket for a few days later, just to get her back in time for my wedding.


The fact that WizKid skipped his wedding was not such a big deal to Banky, who says they are family and family understand each other and attending the wedding does not quantify their relationship.

 Either way, people should know that the relationship between Wizkid and I is deeper than any fame or fortune. Wizkid is my younger brother, he has been for a very long time and that is never going to change.

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Banky bluntly explained their situation and now we know their love is stronger than attending a wedding.

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