There is something extraordinary about the 90s that just doesn’t seem to be go away. From neon windbreakers to stripped sweaters and rayon shirts, the style back then seems to be greatly inspiring the current fashion trends.

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So Kenyan-American rapper Barak Jacuzzi hosted the first ever “Barak Jacuzzi & Friends 90s Jam” at the Creative Garage to celebrate his latest release and offer attendees a moment to revisit the 90s trends.

The event, which came exactly a day after he released his sophomore EP Coco Season, allowed the audience to enjoy great music as well as exhibit some of their most stylish 90s outfits.


There was a live performance display and Barak Jacuzzi kept the crowd hyped throughout the show.

The only way you could be cooler was to come dressed in any notable designer brands matched with fascinating ideas and concepts.

Determined to ensure everyone was dressed to fit the occasion, pop up shops were set up by street vendors to sell clothes and jewelry.