For someone who just began working out, basic exercises like press ups and sit ups are pretty much what your doing to help you gain some muscle. They are effective but if done wrong they could cause some serious injuries. Here are a few mistakes beginners or even experience people do wrong in the gym.

1. Bicep curs



Image result for proper bicep curlWhen using a dumbbells to do a bicep curl, some people do the mistake of moving their elbow up when lifting the dumbbell. This takes pressure off the bicep making the exercise a lot less effective in building your bicep muscle. You are meant to keep your elbow completely stagnant when lifting the dumbbell increasing the pressure and building your muscle.

2. Hanging leg raise

Image result for proper hanging leg raise formThis is a great workout when trying to improve the strength of your core. Some people just swing their legs up without keeping their backs straight and no control on their legs. If you do this, your core is most likely not strong enough to hold your legs up for that amount of time. Instead you should try lifting your knees upward slowly hold the position for about two seconds then release slowly.

3. Push ups

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Push ups are a great way of building your core muscles, biceps triceps and chest. Unfortunately some people do their push ups with their back bent and they don’t go all the way down giving up mid way. A proper push up is done with your back straight arms apart and backside tight to get maximum stability allowing your arms do all the work.

4. Lifting heavy weightsImage result for lifting heavy weights

Lifting heavy weights are great for toning your body to a chiseled shape but some people see others lifting heavier weights than them so the feel intimidated and end up lifting heavy weights they are unable to lift like when doing a bench press. In the process they could almost kill themselves if they aren’t careful. For beginners  it’s best to start small first then build their way up until they a can lift heavier weights.

5. Cardio workouts

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Cardio is perfect for loosing weight though some people don’t know the difference of doing cardio to loose or gain endurance. To build your endurance (stamina) you repeat the same form of cardio at  the same pace for long periods of time and to loose weight its best to do HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training). This involves doing a form of cardio at a fast pace for a certain period of time then doing that same form of cardio at a slow pace and switching in intervals.

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