At the beginning of 2019, Ben Cyco and his family were seeking financial help.

In a message that went viral through social media, they had asked for help to raise sh11.5 million. Ben’s younger sister was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (blood cancer). The money was to cater for chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.

Ben Cyco’s family makes Sh11.5million medical appeal for sick sister

Ben Cyco confessed all this was tough for both Joy and the family but she was very hopeful. In fact, she told him that despite the fact that what she was going through was tough, she will have a great testimony.

One major side effect of chemo is the loss of hair. Joy posted a few pictures on social media where she has lost all her hair. In support of Joy, Ben Cyco decided to shave all his hair off and used a hashtag #doitforjoy.

He recorded the whole process with the help of his girlfriend, Wanjiru Njiru’s vlog. Well, Ben has received overwhelming support. More of the story and his picture in the link below:

#doitforjoy! Gospel artistes Ben Cyco goes bald in support of his sister

Today she is a living testimony. Ben Cyco took to social media to thank all those that stood with his family as he announced that Joy is now cancer-free.

Small sis hair growing back and I love the new look 👌@_fu.raha_. She battled cancer and she beat it, she was declared cancer-free and she came back and she’s even going to school. You guys called, prayed, and even gave your Money towards her treatment and I would like to say thank you for that, may God remember your good works in your time of need. I can’t thank you enough guys, God is so good🙏🙏 Let’s be there for anyone in such a situation through prayers, money and even encouraging words. Finally, let’s get screened, I’ve never done it myself and I don’t have a legit reason for that, maybe it’s the fear, but it’s time we rise above that, This is an appreciation post to all of you guys thank you💙💙💙

His main purpose was to raise awareness on the importance of cancer screening especially because it is cancer month.

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