Adelle is making headlines in the 254 just before the year comes to a close and she is not sorry.

She has been trending with the tagline, Unapologetically African and she explains it all saying:

Adelle Onyango/ Courtesy

It means embracing our heritage without offering excuses or explaining where we come from and why we do the things we do. It means acknowledging that we are developing and so is everyone else! Being Unapologetically African means appreciating the customs and traditions that exist in an African context. It means being confident in finding our own way and our own solutions, which may not be the rest of the world’s remedies. And that doesn’t mean we’re wrong, only that we’re different. We’re African!
Being Unapologetically African means changing the African narrative by taking away the “but” or “despite”. Because we truly are exceptional. We are not about comparison and we do not need to seek validation. We are creating a different set of rules. We are playing a different game, an African game in an African context.
We are gifted, rich, rhythmic, excellent, powerful, creative, modern, traditional and intelligent. We are kings and we are queens Being Unapologetically African means understanding that in being African we can change the world, but in trying to be like the world we cannot be African!

In the same spirit, she had a photoshoot to appreciate all that she has to offer and daymn right Adelle is gorgeous. Here is photo evidence that she is Unapologetically African:

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