Khaligraph Jones has been on a serious roll when it comes to his campaign #playke.

Kenyan artistes have always had one complaint when it comes to DJ’s playing music that is from other countries and forgetting to promote their own.

Khaligraph Jones showing his Award
Khaligraph Jones showing his Award

His frustrations were aired and a lot of artistes have been supporting him, but the situation became personal after radio presenters and artistes created an environment of beef where not so good things were being said.

Khaligraph has a mission, but when a tragedy hit the country last week, he decided to take a break on the #playke to just mourn with Kenyans.

Breaking News, Suspected Terrorist Attack in Riverside Westlands, Very Sad Situation, Cause of this, unfortunately, we cant continue with The PlayKeMusic Campaign until further notice, Stay safe everyone

Seems like the situation became worse for the OG. The past two days have been hard for him as he has been sick. That was also one of the major reasons he took a break. But all in all, he assures his fellow artistes and Kenyans at large not to give up because change takes time. It is gradual.

Am Back, been feeling unwell for the past 2 days since the unfortunate events that took place at Dusit Hotel, I hope Y’all good. To all my people who have been down with The Play KE music movement I want to urge y’all to keep pushing, Change may not come today but gradually we will get there if we all work together, Thank You so much for believing in The OG.

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The song that took him to Nigeria where the campaign began he says is dropping very soon. As soon as next week featuring Nigeria’s top artistes, YCEE.

Gwala Ft YCEE drops next week…

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