Pierra Makenna has been under compulsory self-quarantine.

Today marks day nine so five more days to her freedom. She has been taking us through it all, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The one heartbreak she is suffering is being away from her daughter, Ricca for so long and yet there is nothing much she can do about it.

The only way she gets to communicate with her is through video calls.

Pierra took to social media to share with her followers her worst nightmare.

If you know me…you will know how much I love my baby. Being separated has been one of my worst nightmares. I get anxious…I get sleepless nights. But I thank God for my family who are extremely supportive and assuring me every day that all will be ok. 5 more days to go.

In the midst of all this, the female DJ has so much support from her followers.

Under every post, she has received encouragement and prayers. So at least that is keeping her sane for now.

In Tanzania, Mwana FA and Diamond’s manager, Salaam are also under the 14 day quarantine period but for them, they tested positive for Coronavirus.

Speaking to Shaffie, Mwana FA said he is recuperating well and just like Pierra, he misses his children. There is only so much they can tell them to help the children understand what is going on.

‘Please God hear our prayer’ Pierra Makenna cries out while in quarantine

mwana fa

We hope Mwana FA and Salaam a quick and painless recovery period. And as they advocate, stay home it is all for the good of us all.

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