Saumu Mbuvi has opened up about violence in her past relationship but she has never gone too deep in that discussion.

Today in an interview with Massawe, she decided to open up about the violent relationship she was in with baby daddy Ben Gatu. In as much as she was young and naive, that is a life she would not want anyone to go through.

Saumu Mbuvi and Boyfriend

When I started dating Ben Gatu, I was young and naive. I ran for the marriage life right after graduation. I was only 21. I was warned against running for that married life but I thought I knew better. I wouldn’t advise anyone to stay in a toxic relationship where you cry often or being beaten. Do not allow violence in your relationship.

Saumu continued,

There was violence when I was with Ben GATU. I first shared it  with my friends and when it became too much, I ran to my father and asked for forgiveness because I did not listen to him

We know her father Sonko to be a man of actions. So we would expect that once he found out about Ben he would have taken serious action against him.

he is a father, he sat me down and asked me what my plan is after what I went through and asked me what ill do now that I was going to be a mother.

Saumu Mbuvi’s baby daddy, Ben Gatu sends their daughter a sweet birthday message

They dated for 9 months then she got pregnant with her firstborn.

Saumu advised single mothers one thing, find a father figure for your child.

find a father figure for your child. I would not advise a single mother to be confident in that because there is something a child will be missing. Even if you’re not with your baby daddy.

Saumu Mbuvi finally introduces her daughter to Anwar Loitiptipa (PHOTO)

She confessed that at this point, her lover Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptipa is the one playing a major role as a father figure in her daughter’s life.

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