Tanzanian singer Ben Pol has gifted his love Anerlisa Muigai with a Samsung Galaxy S10+.

The phone is worth Sh90,000, assuming she has settled for the 128GB. She posted a picture and captioned it:

“When a real man gifts you.” This is despite the fact that most people thought he is dating her because of her money.

When news of their relationship leaked, Ben Pol’s ex came out saying he likes women who will provide for him. In fact, she referred to him as a Ben 10.

Meanwhile, there is word on the street that she is expecting Ben Pol’s child.

“I am here minding my own business then I get alot of DMs saying Congratulations to me. Can somebody tell me what the Congratulations are all about?” Anerlisa feigned ignorance.

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She sent a warning to Anerlisa, saying, “You know he is just around her to carry her purse.”

However, the two are set to get married any time now after Ben Pol met Anerlisa’s parents as stage one to the happily ever after.

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